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The impact of COVID-19 on Private Equity – BAIN & COMPANY.

Without knowing how hard the impact of the crisis will have on the sector and the general economy, BAIN & Co. tries to learn from the past and the 2008 crissis and what it could mean for the sector.

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Private equity Barometer for 2020 – ALLYUM

"Allyum has surveyed over 300 investment funds at peak of Covid 19 crisis to understand how they were reacting to this situation and how they would contribute to the restart of the economy. Their answers are actually very positive for entrepreneurs and business owners."

Is private equity going to come to the rescue after the COVID-19 crisis?

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Argos Wityu Index

  • Significant drop in the Argos Index® beginning in January 2020 and intensifying in March.
  • Germany most active Euro zone region in terms of SME deal involvement, followed by Benelux and France.
  • Investment funds remained more prudent than trade buyers.

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How private equity operating groups are taking on the challenge of the coronavirus – McKinsey & Company.

Value-creation teams are grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications fo their portfolio companies. Here is how McKinsey & Co. interviews revealed what steps companies will be taking.

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Venture funds in times of crisis – PitchBook

How are the venture funds going to respond on the current COVID-19 crisis? Raising new funds to support existing portfolio companies and support follow-on financings and to adjust their reserves capital.

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European PE breakdown – PitchBook

The spread of the virus in Europe has caused some countries to entered sudden recession, which might have a significant impact on PE firms amongst others in the coming months.

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Sovereign Wealth Fund Overview – PitchBook

Soverign wealth funds having increasing activity on the private markets , their deal activity has been analysed both in the PE and VC markets.

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NVCA Venture Monitor – PitchBook

Q1 of 2020 and this new decade started at what could have been a record setting year for the VC industry in the United-States, with 2,298 deals for a total value of $34.2 billion. A record year that will probably never happen due to the economic fallout of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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